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I had proposal while I ordered this booklet that it's going to disguise the entire how too's from all of the functions to be had beginning on the most basic. If that's what you're looking for this isn't the ebook. so that it will study the entire new additional ones then order away. .. .

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This program simulates the crawling message of a news wire. First the computer will ask for your message. Then it will display that message endlessly (until you press the RESET key). To speed up, or slow down, the crawl, increase or decrease the number 200 in line 90. ", try typing in: The mayor of Smithville today announced he will retire next December. " 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 HOME L=LEN(N$) FOR Y=l TO L B$=B$+MID$(N$,Y,l) PRINT B$ FOR T=l TO 200:NEXT T HOME NEXT Y B$="":GOTO 80 42 Create A Qu~z One of the most fascinating uses for your APPLE is in having it carry on a video conversation with your friends, relatives and neighbors.

The computer teils you whether or not you are too high, too low, or right on the number. Here's how it works: the secret number can be zero to 1000. Une 100 generates a random number (the secret number) and stores it. Une 210 asks you to guess the number. Unes 300-310 decide if you are right or wrong. Une 220 keeps track of the number of attempts. Program Listing 10 100 200 210 220 300 310 400 410 420 500 38 I HOME:T =0 R=INT(1000 * (RND(I))) PRINT CHR$(7) INPUT"GUESS THE NUMBER";B T=T+l:PRINT"THAT WAS TRY NUMBER ";T IF B>R THEN PRINT CHR$(7) :INPUT"TOO HIGH.

If you scored a victory and got an R+1 atline170,the program jumps to line 200 where it stops to display your total right and wrong score. After that, it's back to line 20 for a complete new runthrough. " :GOTO 200 180 PRINT"NO! • " 220 PRINT R;" RIGHT AND ";W;" WRONG" 230 PRINT:GOTO 20 300 DATA BUTLER,NANNY,GARDNER,BURGLAR,SON, WIFE 21 Wi nner's Message Flashing lights. Ringing beils. This message to hail a win in agame really attracts attention! Use it at an appropriate point in your game. It will print the message YOU WIN on the video screen with a solidbar underline, and ring a bell.

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