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95 As on No. 96 Palmyrene inscriptions. The phrase `who failed to give birth', following the name of the deceased on No. 226 may be an exclamation of sorrow; if so, 1. 85 letters in two cases (see above, ยง6Ff). In two further j. Protective Formulae Protective inscriptions on tomb monuments8fi perhaps inspired the use of protective formulae on ossuaries. The brief inscription nn=5 x5i (No. 70: Inscr. g. No. 259) included threats against those who disturb the bones of the dead. 90 The age of the dead person is indicated in Greek 80 A similar reading suggested by Klein (1920:27, No.

13 and Ill. 16, from Petra). g. No. 231:L=Fig. 16 The spirals emerging at the side of the nefesh on No. 17 Fig. 27 (No. 473:Lid) Nefashot were also depicted on ossuaries in the form of an obelisk or a column. Surmounting these representations are cones or small pyramids, parallel to part of an obelisk discovered at the `Tomb of the Kings' (Ill. 22 Josephus (AJ 20:95) mentions such pyramid-capped obelisks, which are also known from Petra (Ill. 16) and from drawings on the wall of a 15 For a general discussion of such tomb monuments, see Gawlikowski 1970:22-43.

34 Correctly dated by Foerster (1974:196, n. 35), although described as an ossuary. 35 Kraeling et al. 1938:561-562, though failing to give proof of this coffin's use as an ossuary or of the tomb being Jewish. 10. Ornamentation I 2 3 Grimme 1912:529. Sukenik 1924b:337. Sukenik 1931c:10. Introduction 26 these suggestions have long proved untenable,4 symbolical interpretations continue to be proposed. 8 The following discussion will consider the extensive studies by Goodenough, Bagatti, Testa and Figueras,9 occurred during a period of about a hundred years and in a very limited area (mainly within Jerusalem itself); had there been any generally-accepted symbolic meaning in ossuary ornamentation, at least a degree of consistency of form and placement of the motifs could be detected.

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