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Angrily describes strode, the action. winked is the action. friend is the performer. gave is the action. sat is the action. children is the performer. northern describes merchants, the performers. directly describes came, the action. violent describes storm, the performer. Practice IV Page 33. snow, fell unexpectedly describes rang. heavy describes rain. talented describes fingers. abruptly describes swerved. soft describes snow, gently describes fell. Practice V Page 34. (2) sings sped annoyed bought walked Practice VI Page 34.

3) An angry murmur continued in the room. (4) The chairman rapped his gavel a second time. (5) Quiet finally settles over the room. (6) The chairman has begun his report. < previous page page_21 next page > < previous page page_22 next page > Page 22 1. Sentence 2: The chairman raps his gavel. What correction should be made to this sentence? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) change chairman to chairmen insert a comma after chairman change raps to rapped change raps to will rap no correction is necessary 2. Sentence 5: Quiet finally settles over the room.

The _________________ book slipped to the floor. Dolores Bremmer walked __________________ from the room. < previous page page_32 next page > < previous page page_33 next page > Page 33 Practice II Directions: Write five sentences of your own. Use descriptive words to tell more about the performer, the action, or both. __________________________________________________________ Practice III Directions: In each of the following sentences, one word is underlined. If the underlined word is the performer, blacken circle 1.

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