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By Frantz Fanon

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An incisive and illuminating account of ways, in the course of the Algerian Revolution, the folks of Algeria replaced centuries-old cultural styles and embraced yes historical cultural practices lengthy derided by way of their colonialist oppressors as primitive, with the intention to wreck those self same oppressors. Fanon makes use of the 5th yr of the Algerian Revolution as some degree of departure for an explication of the inevitable dynamics of colonial oppression.

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We have seen that the more well-to-do family hesitated to buy a radio set. Yet no explicit. organized, and motivated resistance was to be observed, but rather a dull absence of interest in that piece of French presence. In rural areas and in regions remote from the colonization centers, the situation was clearer. There no one was faced with the problem, or rather, the problem was so remote from the everyday concerns of the native that it was quite clear to an inquirer that it would be outrageous to ask an Algerian why he did not own a radio.

The constant smile, the persistence of an ap­ ALGERIA UNVEILED 67 parently unfounded hope, the refusal to go down on her knees, is likened to an inability to grasp reality. The humor which is a rigorous appraisal of events is unper­ ceived by the occupier. And the courage that the Algerian woman manifests in the struggle is not an unexpected creation or the result of a mutation. It is the insurrectional phase of that same humor. The woman's place in Algerian society is indicated with such vehemence that the occupier's confusion is readily understand­ able.

He fell prey to the sudden fear that this thing, so often hated, wounded to the death in the djebel, its days probably numbered, would disappear without his being able to see at close hand its power and its arrogance in the process of disin­ tegration. During this period the Algerian experienced a sense of frustration. His aggressiveness remained in suspense because he could not keep the score, because he could not register the setbacks of the enemy hour by hour, because, finally, he could not measure centimeter by centimeter the progressive shrinking of the occupying power.

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