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By Kim McCone

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The current paintings has been produced with the first goal of delivering novices of outdated Irish with a comparatively slender yet self-contained reference grammar interspersed as often as plausible with certainly graded readings drawn from unique resources and observed via a entire vocabulary on the finish of the ebook. The readings were chosen so that it will illustrating a variety of medieval Irish literary genres and are preceded, the place deemed acceptable, through short introductions supplying a few heritage info. The grammar and reader isn't really basically meant as a self-tutor, even though the linguistically skilled may well end up in a position to utilizing it this fashion. particularly it's been designed with previous and/or heart Irish classes taught by way of competently certified academics in brain, both because the uncomplicated direction booklet or as a complement to, say, Quin's Workbook or Strachan's Paradigms and Glosses. In a few chapters at the least, the quantity of interpreting fabric supplied could be extra wide than is functional inside a given timeframe yet if that's the case the trainer should not have any hassle in opting for a specific piece or specific items for paintings at school.

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For example, Chichˆewa and Ndebele require their verbs to be minimally disyllabic (on Chichˆewa, see, for example, Mtenje 1988; Kanerva 1989; Hyman & Mtenje 1999; on Ndebele, see Downing 2001; Sibanda 2004; Hyman, Inkelas & Sibanda to appear). When verbal prefixes are present, disyllabicity is guaranteed; no stem is smaller than a syllable and all prefixes are monosyllabic. But in the imperative, which consists of a bare stem, a verb whose stem is monosyllabic falls short of minimal size. Chichˆewa augments monosyllabic verbs with the formative i- (13a) (see, for example, Hyman & Mtenje 1999:108), while Ndebele augments with yi (13b) (example (24) from Hyman, Inkelas & Sibanda to appear; see also Downing 2001; Sibanda 2004): (13) Infinitive Imperative Gloss a.

The nature of reduplicative phonology is the particular subject of Chapters 3 and 4, and will not be discussed further in this chapter. It is, however, essential to recognize that the two daughters have morphologically and phonologically independent inputs. This is what allows them to diverge in the morphotactic and phonological ways demonstrated in this chapter. This chapter focuses on two essential morphological insights of MDT. One is that the targets of reduplication – the types of thing that reduplication constructions propagate – are morphological constituents.

4. , they are synonyms of each other. 3. Before turning to evidence for the Thesis of Semantic Identity, however, we address evidence bearing more directly on the Thesis of Morphological Targets, namely affix reduplication. 1 Morphological targets: affix reduplication The literature is full of examples of reduplication which are sensitive to the morphological root or stem. This is not surprising on any view of reduplication. Under most existing phonological copying theories, for example, reduplicants are treated as affixes (Marantz 1982), and it is well known that affixes select for certain types of roots or stems and can be sensitive to where their edges are.

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