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By Shiloh Walker

ISBN-10: 1609284313

ISBN-13: 9781609284312

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Bankruptcy Contents: (Suggested listening follows each one chapter)

I. Stride Piano Styles:

• Cantankerous Chromatics

• Blues for Fats

• Basie's Beat

• Blood Brother

II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie

• Prickly Pete

• Wobbly Waltz

III. Gospel Piano Sanctified

• i am In His Hands

• Holy Roller

IV. Bebop Piano types A 624

• Red's Blues

• "T" Time

• The Thing

• Yardbird Conversation

V. Solo Ballad types For Art's Sake

• track for invoice Evans

• Ballad

VI. Harmonic types of

• 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge

• Waltz for Clare

• Memories

• Liberation

VII. Latin and Ostinato

• types of the 1970's Autumn Song

• wintry weather Song

• Spring Song

• summer season Song

VIII. unfastened Jazz Bent

• Vortex

• Mobile

• Anticipation


Appendix I Solo Piano Recordings of Interest

Published Solo Piano Jazz Music

Appendix II Publihsed Solo Piano Jazz track

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She knew she was in his car, and she knew he was talking on his phone, and although part of her understood the words, all they did was bounce around inside her skull, kind of like a ball in pinball machine—none of them connected. Nothing made sense. Brain tumor. MRI. Roger…where in the hell are you? You’re supposed to be here. Here. With her. Just where he’d always been, for the past fifteen years. Why wasn’t he here now? She started to shake, barely able to think, hardly able to breathe. Brilliant light shone in her face and she flinched, hiding away from it.

And in this case, I can actually say that and mean it. ” He took a deep breath and then asked, “Have you noticed any unusual behavior? Mood swings? ” Memory after memory slammed into her. The talk with Roger’s oncologist. All those weird, weird incidents with Roger. She wanted to scream, but the pain in her throat wouldn’t let her. Over the past month, those “bad moods” of Roger’s, they’d gotten steadily worse. “He…ah…” she paused, and licked her lips. ” Over the smallest things—he didn’t get enough ham on his sandwich, or there was a slice too much.

Hello, Chase. Like she had bumped into him on the street. Not like he’d found her sitting in the middle of downpour, sitting alone in the square. Scowling, he closed his fingers around her wrist and tugged as he stood. ” He was half-prepared for her to argue. There was a time when she would have. But she followed along behind him, not saying a word. He wasn’t sure what bothered him more—her silence now, or the way he’d found her. Apparently working for his dad paid well, Chase thought, pulling up in front of the large, custom-designed brick home.

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