Thomas Kuhne's A functional pattern system for object-oriented design PDF

By Thomas Kuhne

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We can directly transfer the above observation for the implementation of Kruskal’s algorithm for minimal spanning trees. This algorithm uses a sorted list of edges to construct a minimal spanning tree of a graph [Aho & Ullmann92]. , lazy quicksort) that just sorts as much as is requested by the algorithm [Okasaki95a]. Besides efficiency improvements, lazy evaluation opens up the world of infinite data structures. A definition like ones = 1 : ones is not possible with a strict version of cons (:)10 .

Now, instead of invoking the implementation in Figure this self-call is also late bound to the implementation in Circle. This leads to the desired result of printing “I am a Circle object”. Late binding of self-calls, ergo, enable this factoring of code into code templates7 that can be altered and refined by new classes. Dynamic binding effectively defers behavior distinction from the main program to the datatypes. This opens up the possibility to build frameworks that do not 6 One may exploit function pointers for this but it is not a common programming style.

Another example how ordering corresponds to nesting are monads used in conjunction with folds [Meijer & Jeuring95]. The functions foldr and foldl replace list constructors with functions. When an associative function (together with an identity element) is used the choice of foldl and foldr does not affect the result20 but is made according to runtime characteristics. However, when the function is, say, a state monad the result will be affected, akin to an imperative left or right traversal of a sequence with side-effects.

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