Download e-book for iPad: A Grain of Sand: Nature's Secret Wonder by Dr. Gary Greenberg, Stacy Keach

By Dr. Gary Greenberg, Stacy Keach

ISBN-10: 0760331987

ISBN-13: 9780760331989

Потрясающие трёхмерные микрофотографии песчинок обычного пляжного песка. listed below are the sands of Hawaii and Tahiti, the Sahara and the Poles, a volcano, each one exquisitely various, and every telling a desirable geological tale. crimson sand and yellow, white sand and black, making a song sand and quicksand: Greenbergs photographs display the delicate adjustments of their colours, textures, sizes, and shapes. And as this infinitesimal international unfolds so does an fascinating clarification of the way every one grain of sand starts and types and reveals itself in a specific position, certainly one of a thousand million and extraordinary. Вот тот мир, рассматривать в песчинку, благодаря потрясающей трехмерной микрофотографии доктор Гари Гринберг. В какой-то, весь песок выглядит так - бесчисленное зерен в обширном пространстве пляжа. Присмотритесь - гораздо ближе - и ваш взгляд на песке никогда не будет то же самое. Используя фантастические microphotographic методы, которые он разработал, Гринберг приглашает читателей поймет странный и прекрасный мир, что каждая песчинка содержит. Вот песках Гавайев и Таити, Сахары и поляки, вулкан, изысканно каждого разные, и каждая рассказывает увлекательную геологической истории. Красный и желтый песок, белый песок и черный, пение песка и зыбучие пески: Greenbergs фотографий выявить тонкие различия в их цвета, фактур, размеров и форм. И так как это бесконечно малая мире разворачивается так же интригующий объяснение того, как каждая песчинка начинается и форм и оказывается в определенном месте, одна из миллиардов и единственный в своем роде.

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I reasoned that if! used one oblique light from the left and another oblique light from the right, it would be possible to produce a left-eye and right-eye view of the sample simultaneously, which would result in a dramatic 3-D image. In other words, both eyes would receive a 2-D image but from a slightly different angle; the human brain then creates the third dimension. With the help of my mentor and The Edge 3D Microscope was used to create the images in this book. 29 good friend Professor Alan Boyde at University College London, I built a working prototype in 1990, and, to our delight, it performed well enough for us to proceed with further development.

57 CHAPTER 4 Colors • Sand lthough most beaches take on a single muted color to the naked eye, sand is full of diverse colors when looked at closely. The medley of images presented in this chapter illustrates the range of dramatically different colors in sand grains from around the world. Sand is not just a bunch of small, round, beige-colored stones. In fact, sand grains come in every color imaginable. The bright pinks, reds, and greens of mineral sand are stunning, very much like gemstones except extremely small.

Colorful grains of coral constitute much of the sand on tropical beaches (magnification 60x). habitat for a large variety of marine life, which is reflected in the bits and pieces that make their way to nearby beaches. The life forms that inhabit the reefs sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycle it into their calcium carbonate shells. Human intervention has significantly reduced the number of these marine organisms, causing the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide to increase and global warming to worsen.

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