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By Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

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Rhetorical vowel length is used freely for emphasis. It occurs most commonly in adverbs, as in tóobaö ‘four times’ (Eng. colloq. ”), t±éehâ ‘a looong way’ and iyúuha ‘aaall’ (“every last one of them ; every last bit of it”). NET 23 occurring enclitics do not lengthen. As with interjections, vowel length can be extensive, but unlike the interjections, intonation is level throughout. (12a) Hï! eyáš 0 / -ëštéecàpi né ®ü oh! of ‘oh! 18) • Vowel length occurs in what may be termed “processing hesitation,” as a speaker considers what to say next or searches for a lexical form.

Some examples are: (30) Base form aÝütka Metathesized aÝükta Gloss ‘kidney’ c±atkám c±aktám ‘on the left side’ c±atkú c±aktú ‘the honor place’ katká kaktá ‘choke’ otkéya oktéya ‘hang up’ yatkä yaktä 18 ‘drink’ 17 Assiniboine speakers at M osquito Reserve m ethathesize the tk cluster, as do Sto ney sp eak ers at M orley (Pa rks et al. ). NET 41 9. 4). Although the environments in which ablaut occurs are well defined, words that undergo ablaut are not predictable. , Taylor and Rood 1976, de Reuse 1983, Rood and Taylor 1996), changeable-a/-â is indicated by uppercase A or  in citation forms.

Fulbright Program; the Wenner-Gren Foundation (Grant # 6723); and the Yale Endangered Language Fund. The study is approved by the Indiana University Human Subjects Committee as study #00-3790. NET 14 Chapter 2 Phonology 1. Introduction This chapter presents the phonemes of Assiniboine as well as a description of phonetic and phonological processes that occur. 1 As mentioned in the previous chapter, the sounds and patterns described here reflect the speech of native speakers on Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana (FB) and Carry The Kettle Reserve, Saskatchewan (CTK).

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A grammar of Assiniboine : a Siouan language of the Northern Plains [Montana, Saskatchewan] by Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

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