Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan's A Grammar of Contemporary English PDF

By Randolph Quirk, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik

ISBN-10: 058252444X

ISBN-13: 9780582524446

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Thus beside: EH [5] John carefully searched the room we can have: The room was (carefully) searched (by John) Beside: He had given the girl an apple we can have An apple had been given (the girl) (by him) or The girl had been given an apple (by him) And beside: They make him the chairman every year we can have: He is made the chairman (every year) (by them) In all of these examples, parentheses as usual mark optional items. 72-77): Search the room! Give the girl an apple! Don't give the girl an apple!

Second, if a yes-no question were to be asked with all the elements of [lq] in it, the adverbial carefully would be placed finally: Did John search the room carefully? This would carry the implication that only the degree of care was being questioned. ) Our examples have led up to some important general truths about yes-no questions. To avoid ambiguity in locating the basis of challenged validity, questions are either kept short, introducing one factor at a time, Is this the room ? Did anyone search it?

Their study leads naturally to the links which relate one sentence to another (Chapter 10) and to the subordination of one or more sentences within another (Chapter 11). Chapter 12 follows up Chapter 3 with more attention to the verb phrase, and to special classes of verb, together with problems relating to voice, phrasal and prepositional verbs, and complementation. Similarly, Chapter 13 follows up Chapter 4 in exploring the full complexity that is possible for the noun phrase to attain in taking within itself the structures separately examined in earlier chapters.

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