A Grammar of Mavea: An Oceanic Langugage of Vanuatu - download pdf or read online

By Valérie Guérin

ISBN-10: 0824836391

ISBN-13: 9780824836399

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They refer to an abstract or physical entity in the world. In the following sections, each subclass is reviewed. 1 Proper nouns Proper names can be subdivided into: personal names, calendar names, vocatives, relational terms, and locatives. They all have in common that they cannot be used with an article or a determiner, as opposed to common nouns. Other characteristics are detailed in each subsection below. 1 Personal names In POc, personal nouns were preceded by the article *i or *e (Lynch et al.

Further research is needed to firmly establish the correspondences between PNCV and Ma˝vea. o. hibiscus’ V[-rd] • *m > m / ∗matu-i > matiu ‘coconut’ ∗tama > tama ‘father’ ∗zimi > simiria ‘suck’ • *m > m ∗muki > mi ‘earthquake’ 45 2 Phonology • *mw > m ∗tamwata > tamata ‘calm’ ∗zamwa > samuia ‘chew’ • *w > Ø ∗weli > eli ‘worm’ • *y > Ø ∗yaru > aru ‘ironwood’ • metathesis ∗(v,b)ea > ape ‘where’ ∗ruvi ‘plant’ > rivua ‘plant yam’ ∗sei > ise ‘who’ 46 Chapter 3 Word classes According to Schachter, “parts-of-speech classes must be distinguished from one another on the basis of a cluster of properties, none of which by itself can be claimed to be a necessary and sufficient condition for assignment to a particular class” (1985:6, original emphasis).

Could it be that [f] is a rather recent innovation in the phonemic system of Ma˝vea? Although [f] started as an allophone of /v/, it may now be gaining ground as an independent phoneme. Crowley (2004:14) notes the instability of [f] and [v] in Bislama. He goes on to argue that if a merger takes place, it is in the direction of the voiceless consonant. This observation has implications for Ma˝vea. The consultants were all bilingual in Bislama. Those who use [f] even in intervocalic position are well educated.

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