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5. Have you given the project a meaningful, attractive title? How are you going to present it in a convincing way? 6. How is the project team chosen? What steps will be taken to secure motivation, involvement and commitment? 7. Have you worked out a sensible project budget? How are you going to record and check expenditure? Who will authorise spending? 8. Have you done a flowchart to plan the use of time? Are there regular review meetings? Is it clear what must be delivered at each phase? 9. Have you planned a strategy for institutionalising the project?

Are the indicators qualitative or quantitative? ) In all cases the indicators must be comparative – with a questionnaire, for example, you need “before and after” results, or comparison with pilot groups not subject to the innovation. a sample questionnaire for self-assessment 35 8. Approaches to project evaluation This table (from Evaluating Second Language Education - Alderson & Beretta 1 1992) provides a grid for planning the assessment of larger scale projects. e. on a national level – what are the wider problems with which the project will help?

The choice of working languages is crucial – if there’s only one there’s a risk of (a) misunderstanding (b) the project being dominated by native speakers. Translation and interpreting are expensive and time consuming, though, so a compromise solution is usually required. It’s important to be aware of the issues and to build in time for clarifications. 41 10. Managing international projects How will communications be organised? E-mail and the Internet now make day to day to communication easier to organise, but distance makes it even more important to have a clear action plan with proper phases; to plan meetings carefully; to specify deliverables and to keep to them; to be clear from the outset about how outcomes will be assessed.

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