A Historical Syntax of Late Middle Indo-Aryan (Apabhraṃśa) - download pdf or read online

By Vít Bubeník

ISBN-10: 1556198817

ISBN-13: 9781556198816

This monograph goals to shut the distance in our wisdom of the character and velocity of grammatical switch through the formative interval of today’s Indo-Aryan languages. throughout the 6th-12th c. the sluggish erosion of the artificial morphology of outdated Indo-Aryan resulted eventually within the remodelling of its syntax towards the hot Indo-Aryan analytic type.
This learn concentrates at the emergence and improvement of the ergative development by way of the passive-to-ergative reanalysis and the co-existence of the ergative building with the outdated and new analytic passive buildings. unique cognizance is paid to the actuation challenge visible because the tug of conflict among conservative and eliminative forces in the course of their improvement. different chapters take care of the evolution of grammatical and lexical point, causativization, modality, absolute structures and subordination.
This examine is predicated on a wealth of recent facts gleaned from unique poetic works in Apabhraṃśa (by Svayaṃbhādeva, Puṣpadanta, Haribhadra, Somaprabha et al.). It comprises sections facing descriptive concepts of Medieval Indian grammarians (esp. Hemacandra). all of the Sanskrit, Prakrit and Apabhraṃśa examples are constantly parsed and translated.
The opus is forged within the theoretical framework of useful Grammar of the Prague and Amsterdam faculties. it's going to be of specific curiosity to students and scholars of Indo-Aryan and common historic linguistics, specifically these attracted to the problems of morphosyntactic switch and typology of their sociohistorical atmosphere.

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It should also be mentioned that the rise of Apabhramsa from the regional dialect of Jain epic poetry culminated in the normative work of the greatest Prakrit grammarian, Hemacandra Sūri (1088/1089-1172/1173). A propos the early regional differences in North India, we may start by observing that they did not escape the medieval Prakrit grammarians. 66-67]: Vrdcata, Ndgara and Upandgara. g. Jacobi and Bhayani) identified Vrdcata with Ābhīra as the main variety of Apabhramsa. ) locate Vracada in the valley of Indus [Markandeya HISTORICAL, SOCIAL, AND LINGUISTIC BACKGROUND 29 XVIII.

The legendary biography of Krsna is available in Sanskrit in Bhdgavatapurāna (attempting "the sanskritization of the popular Krsna legend", cf. Rocher 1986:146) or in Apabhramsa (Svayambhūdeva's Ritthanemicariu and Puspadanta's Mahdpurdna, ca. 10th c ) ; cf. 4-5. Especially at the end of the period under consideration we find authors making use of all the available literary vehicles in one work. One of them was Somaprabha who composed his Kumdrapālapratibodha (ca. 1195) to illustrate the rules of Hemacandra's grammar.

Magadhisms in Asokan inscriptions). Magadhi used in Sanskrit plays may be viewed as a stylized literary variety based on the dialects of the East. In Sanskrit plays it is used to stereotype people of a low social status. i) Unlike in Maharastii and Śaurasenī, the three sibilants of OIA merged here into one palatal sibilant (OIA suska "dry", Mg suska). HISTORICAL, SOCIAL, AND LINGUISTIC BACKGROUND 25 ii) Intervocalic stops in Magadhi are reduced to zero as in Śaurasenī (OIA bhavisyati "will be", Ś bhavissai, Mg bhavissadi, vs.

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