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By Brenda Joyce

ISBN-10: 0373771371

ISBN-13: 9780373771370

Raised as a pirate's daughter, Amanda Carre has now not been tutored within the finer social graces. by myself on this planet, she hasn't ever trusted someone, till destiny intervenes while Cliff de Warenne rescues her from a mob at her father's striking. Now she needs to set sail for England to discover the mum she by no means knew, and her chaperone is an notorious women' guy . . . the best gentleman privateer of his period, Cliff understands honor calls for that he see this pretty wild baby to London and into her socialite mother's hands. he is acutely aware that Amanda is completely unprepared for a debut in London's ton, so his in simple terms recourse is to turns into her dad or mum and champion her transformation right into a girl -- and locate her an appropriate fit. yet with each passing second it turns into tougher to disclaim his jealousy and ire -- till Amanda makes her wonderful debut, a girl ultimately. And whilst his ardour in eventually published, their love can now not be denied.

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Why did he care? She seemed young, but she couldn’t possibly be innocent, not having lived the kind of life she had. He wasn’t her protector. “You heard the…lady,” Woods said softly. “She won’t be hurt, Cliff. ” He was blinded by a kind of rage he hadn’t ever experienced. Images danced in his mind. Woods embracing La Sauvage, Woods ruthlessly availing himself of her slender, yet lush body. He fought to breathe, and when he could speak, he looked at the governor. ” “Why? ” She smelled of the sea and Cliff did not find it offensive at all.

Rodney Carre appeared at the window, a bear of a man with shaggy, brownish-blond hair and a darker beard. Amanda began to weep. “Damn it, girl, don’t you cry for me,” Rodney cried. On the bars, his fists clenched, the knuckles turning white. She loved him so. He was her entire world. But he was angry now and she knew it. He hated tears. Still, he couldn’t hit her, not with the bars there between them. “I tried, Papa, I tried,” she whimpered. ” Rodney’s face fell. “I can’t do this, Papa. ” “Stop it,” he roared, undoubtedly waking the other prisoners up.

Cliff prayed he was not too late. He strode to Woods, who was so preoccupied with his victim that he did not see him until Cliff raised his fist. Woods cried out but Cliff knocked him backward into the wall, the blow so stunning he slid down it into a heap, as if unconscious. He stepped over him, reaching for his hair, yanking his head back. Dazed eyes met his. ” he snarled. The threat was impulsive but ideal; Woods had a reputation to maintain, and his wife would be livid should she ever learn of his scandalous behavior.

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