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By Sharon Owens

ISBN-10: 0141921277

ISBN-13: 9780141921273

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Bankruptcy Contents: (Suggested listening follows every one chapter)

I. Stride Piano Styles:

• Cantankerous Chromatics

• Blues for Fats

• Basie's Beat

• Blood Brother

II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie

• Prickly Pete

• Wobbly Waltz

III. Gospel Piano Sanctified

• i am In His Hands

• Holy Roller

IV. Bebop Piano kinds A 624

• Red's Blues

• "T" Time

• The Thing

• Yardbird Conversation

V. Solo Ballad kinds For Art's Sake

• tune for invoice Evans

• Ballad

VI. Harmonic types of

• 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge

• Waltz for Clare

• Memories

• Liberation

VII. Latin and Ostinato

• sorts of the 1970's Autumn Song

• wintry weather Song

• Spring Song

• summer time Song

VIII. unfastened Jazz Bent

• Vortex

• Mobile

• Anticipation


Appendix I Solo Piano Recordings of Interest

Published Solo Piano Jazz Music

Appendix II Publihsed Solo Piano Jazz song

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I felt so humiliated. No wonder I’m not pregnant yet if this is his attitude. ’ ‘I’m sure he does, Arabella. I’m sure you’re just imagining it because things have been pretty stressed lately. Look, are you okay on your own or do you want me to come over and keep you company? ’ ‘No, I’ll be okay. ’ ‘Are you sure you don’t want me to come over? ’ ‘No, I’ll be fine – and it’s snowing again too. ’ ‘Look, tomorrow is Saturday. ’ Arabella asked. Not that she really cared. She just wanted to keep Emily on the phone for another little while.

Did every woman who came anywhere near Dylan end up falling hopelessly in love with him? Did Sylvia spend half her life talking Dylan’s ex-girlfriends down off various window sills? Or had Sylvia simply been aware of a little spark of mutual attraction in the air? Emily wasn’t sure. But she sensed they were good people, and that took away some of the niggling fear that Sylvia and Dylan had been laughing at her instead of with her. At nine o’clock Emily’s mobile phone rang. To her amazement it was Dylan.

I lost my temper and slapped his face. He’s gone to a hotel, but he won’t say which one. And he’s switched off his mobile phone. ’ ‘That man. ’ Emily asked, pushing a strand of hair out of her eyes and trying to see her clock in the dark. She could never remember her phone showed the time. ‘He snaps at me constantly. He has no sympathy for me when my period arrives each month and I cry because I’m not pregnant yet. ’ ‘Well, maybe it’s the recession? ’ ‘Maybe,’ Arabella admitted. She rarely asked David specific questions about his work.

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