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He was elected president in 1828 and 1832. Soon afterward, a new party called the Whigs came to prominence. The Whigs opposed Jackson. They thought he had too much power. The most pressing issue at that time was slavery. The Republican Party emerged in 1854 to oppose it. Abraham Lincoln ran as a Republican in 1860. He took advantage of a split among the Democrats to be elected president. Democrats in the South were bitter about their treatment during and after the Civil War by the Republican Party.

S. indd 46 11/29/07 2:04:52 PM glossary chemise (shuh-mEEZ) A long, loose dress. cornerstone (KOR-ner-stohn) A stone laid at a corner of a building wall, especially during a ceremony; a basic element of something. S. president and vice president. ford (FORd) To cross a body of water by wading. iniquitous (ih-NiH-kwuh-tus) Very wicked. levying (lEH-vee-ing) Collecting by legal authority. mastectomy (mas-TEK-tuh-mee) Surgically removing a breast. militia (muh-liH-shuh) Organized group of armed forces that are called for active duty only in an emergency.

He insisted these differences had never had any effect on the respect he had for her or for her husband. indd 38 11/29/07 2:04:29 PM “Her Majesty, the Presidentress” founded in that, have ever been lessened for a single moment,” he wrote. ”4 Abigail felt the wounds were too deep to heal. ”5 She was even more blunt in her final letter. “I will not Sir any further intrude upon your time, but close this correspondence,”6 she concluded. Her husband’s silence lasted even longer. Early in 1812, at the suggestion of a friend, John Adams finally wrote to Jefferson, who responded soon afterward.

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