New PDF release: Absolute Clauses in English from the Systemic Functional

By Qingshun He, Bingjun Yang

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​This publication makes a speciality of the structural variety, semantic variability, case selection, stylistic features and diachronic distribution of English absolute clauses. The syntactic roles assumed through absolute clauses within the conventional experience will be categorised into clausal adjuncts, attendant conditions and appositives. those 3 kinds of functionality correspond to the 3 hypotactic expansions within the relation procedure of clause complexes in Systemic practical Linguistics, i.e., elaboration, extension and enhancement. This examine, as a result, redefines absolute clauses within the framework of SFL and proposes 4 syntactic kinds of absolute clauses: absolute paratactic clauses (elaboration), absolute hypotactic clauses (extension and enhancement), absolute projected clauses (fact and act) and absolute embedded clauses (subject). in keeping with the Brown relations corpora, BNC and COHA, this learn reveals that assorted functionality forms of absolute clauses fluctuate by way of their stylistic and diachronic distributions, and either nominative and accusative circumstances are acceptable.

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But all nouns, as well as the participle, came to lose the inflectional sings of the dative case; we then obtained the ‘crude’ type, in which both noun and participle, though absolute, were without any trace of inflection. The final act in this history was the admission of the nominative forms of the personal pronouns into this crude absolute construction – a dative absolute in disguise. Another interpretation believes that the use of a noun in the zero form or a pronoun in the subject form is “a continuation of the Old English usage with the noun before the participle in the zero case, with later analogous introduction of the subject form of the pronouns.

For nearly forty years she and Sir Edwin Lutyens worked together—he as architect of the house, she designing the garden—culminating in the Viceroy’s House in New Delhi. (FLOB_G) The predicate constituents in the two absolute clauses in 2-25a are a further explanation of the main clause, which can be seen as finite clauses with continued her study and continued his study omitted. The first absolute clause in 2-25b can also be seen as a clause with worked omitted, and the predicate designing in the second absolute clause is a hyponym of worked.

More importantly, it is not readily applicable to many other instances. In the next chapter, we will first offer a sketch of systemic functional theory, and then discuss the SFL approach to absolute clauses. References Adams, E. (1858[2010]). The elements of the English language. Whitefish: Kessinger Publishing. Al-Hamash, K. , & Abdulla, J. J. (1968). A course in English linguistics. Baghdad: Al-Sha’b Press. Al-Hamash, K. , & Abdulla, J. J. (1979). A course in modern English grammar. Baghdad: IDELTI.

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