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By Ruth Ryan Langan

ISBN-10: 0505519895

ISBN-13: 9780505519894

ISBN-10: 0585309795

ISBN-13: 9780585309798

Desperately accumulating as a lot wealth as attainable for you to commence the quest for her misplaced sisters, Addy unearths herself stuck up in her passions for an embittered invalid, a drunken loner, and a mysterious and obsessive stranger.

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Nothing. " She closed his door and looked up in surprise. Sam was standing just beyond the door, barring her way to the stairs. Though he'd watched and listened, he said not a word. His silent, watchful attitude disturbed her more than she cared to admit. There was something about Sam Money. He reminded her of a hunter. Watching. Listening. Stalking. As she started to move past him his hand snaked out to stop her. She reacted as if she'd been burned, jerking her hand away and shrinking back against the wall.

She scrambled out of bed and padded to the head of the stairs. " She walked to the landing. He sat in his wheelchair at the foot of the stairs. Bushy white brows were knitted together in a frown. " Jake studied her in the light of the stairwell. She looked even younger in an oversized tee-shirt that fell to her knees. Toussled dark hair hung limply over one eye. Even from this distance he could see the gleam of moisture on her cheeks. "Goddamn it. " He shrugged. "Not your fault. I know how it feels.

Jake shot him a look. " "Of course they did. " Jake glanced at the sky, turning light outside the window. " He tossed down the cards and drained his glass. "Yeah. " Addy pushed quickly away from the table. She wasn't about to stick around with a drunk. "You need some help?  " Page 28 Her voice trailed off. She felt her cheeks redden. She knew why she'd been hired. Caregiver. She wasn't going to be paid to just sit around playing cards. " Jake rolled through the doorway ahead of her and led the way to his bedroom.

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