Advances in the Study of Genetic Disorders by Kenji Ikehara PDF

By Kenji Ikehara

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Among the constellation of different churches arose from Reformed Protestant the existing biblical guidelines were generally adopted, although the closest form of approved union usually has been between first cousins. Paradoxically, the highest rates of consanguineous unions historically recorded in Europe, and even nowadays, appear to be in the southern Roman Catholic countries rather than in the northern Protestant European countries. This pattern is followed also by the Catholic countries of South and Central America in comparison with Protestants, Anabaptist, Anglicans and Restorationists from North America.

2003a) 4. Inbreeding depression One of the adverse effects of consanguineous mating is the phenomenon of inbreeding depression. In population genetics, inbreeding depression is usually defined as the decreased fitness of offspring from related parents (Charlesworth & Willis, 2009). Inbreeding depression occurs in many species of animal and plants as well as in humans and is caused by increased homozygosity of individuals. There are two major hypotheses to explain how increased homozygosity can lower fitness.

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