Advances in Twin and Sib-pair Analysis - download pdf or read online

By Tim D. Spector, Harold Snieder, Alex J. MacGregor

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Dual and family members facts have usually been used to quantify the genetic and environmental contribution to disorder. in the course of the program of latest analytical methods, those designs may also supply robust versions within which the hunt for particular genes underlying non-Mendelian ailments could be optimised. This publication discusses the state of the art in dual and sib-pairs research of advanced ailments either from the point of view of epidemiology (study layout, topic choice, sampling ideas) and biostatistics (path research, survival research, linkage research, organization studies). Novel methods are mentioned during which twins and sib-pairs can be utilized to fulfill the problem of opting for the site and serve as of genes underlying advanced features. This publication will entice quite a lot of biomedical scientists drawn to the genetic foundation of affliction, epidemiologists, molecular biologists, human geneticists and scholars.

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The first considers epidemiological issues concerned with collecting data on twin and sib-pairs. The chapters review the impact of the design of these studies on the interpretation of their results, ways in which to accommodate the effects of bias, the assumptions behind the twin model itself, and the use of twins to study environmental variation. Second, classical and modern approaches to estimate the genetic and environmental influences are discussed together with gene-environment interaction.

No consistent pattern emerged: all three factors influenced dizygotic concordance rates for affective disorder, but none predicted dizygotic concordance for schizophrenia. Clinical case-series had higher monozygotic concordance rates for schizophrenia but not for affective disorder, whereas studies using objective zygosity testing had higher monozygotic concordance rates for affective disorder, but not for schizophrenia. Conclusions Many theoretical considerations suggest that the design of twin studies should influence the outcome, particularly the measurement of concordance rates and the estimation of heritability.

Page 6 His analysis was based on the principle that: "when pairs of sibs are taken at random from a series of families, certain types of sibling pairs will be more frequent if there is linkage than if there is free assortment of the characters studied". To test his method he examined 60 pairs of siblings to test whether they were alike or unlike for the genetic markers, red hair, blue eyes and blood Agglutinogen A or B. He postulated that if: "linkage exists, the number of cases where the sibs are both alike or both unlike will be relatively increased.

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