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Bankruptcy Contents: (Suggested listening follows each one chapter)

I. Stride Piano Styles:

• Cantankerous Chromatics

• Blues for Fats

• Basie's Beat

• Blood Brother

II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie

• Prickly Pete

• Wobbly Waltz

III. Gospel Piano Sanctified

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• The Thing

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V. Solo Ballad kinds For Art's Sake

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VI. Harmonic kinds of

• 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge

• Waltz for Clare

• Memories

• Liberation

VII. Latin and Ostinato

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VIII. unfastened Jazz Bent

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In accordance with a number of criteria that have been suggested for this purpose, and with reference to the works that have been conducted in this area by different scholars, collocations would be distinguished from free combination then from idioms. It should not be forgotten that the borderline between them is not remarkably straightforward. They are seen as establishing a phraseological continuum. A widely held view among scholars concerning the continuum is that: at the one end of the continuum, one can imagine completely free associations of words where any meaningful concatenation may occur, the other end would be that most invariable sequence of words, frozen idioms.

Research in this area has demonstrated the full applicability of Quirkian system to modification of adjectives (cf. Lorenz 1999). Admittedly, Quirkian system is the most exhaustive one which has been proved to be very useful for the identification of various degrees on the scale. Therefore, it is this system that the present study employs to test the intensifying force of the adverbs collocating with adjectives. 2. Bolinger (1972) It is interesting to note that Bolinger (1972) had already applied the same logic of classification and indeed distinguishes four functional categories, namely, ‘‘boosters’’, ‘‘compromizers’’, ‘‘diminishers’’ and ‘‘minimizers’’, this is according to the place they occupy on the scale of intensity (upper or lower part) and the direction in which they point (upwards or downwards).

G. a colony of bees, an article of clothing. L6: Adverb + Adjective . g. deeply absorbed, hopelessly addicted. L7: Verb + Adverb. g. anchor firmly, amuse thoroughly. 30 Lewis (2000, 63) lays down the criterion of ‘‘collocational strength’’ to classify collocations. His classification is pedagogically motivated. For him collocations are of four types: ‘‘unique collocations’’, ‘‘strong collocations’’, ‘‘medium strength collocations’’ and ‘‘weak collocations’’. In a unique collocation like foot the bills we can not imagine footing the invoice or footing the coffee.

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