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By Christos A. Athanasiadis, Victor V. Batyrev, Dimitrios I. Dais, Martin Henk, and Francisco Santos

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This quantity includes unique examine and survey articles stemming from the Euroconference "Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics". The papers talk about a variety of difficulties that illustrate interactions of combinatorics with different branches of arithmetic, resembling commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, convex and discrete geometry, enumerative geometry, and topology of complexes and partly ordered units. one of the subject matters lined are combinatorics of polytopes, lattice polytopes, triangulations and subdivisions, Cohen-Macaulay mobilephone complexes, monomial beliefs, geometry of toric surfaces, groupoids in combinatorics, Kazhdan-Lusztig combinatorics, and graph colors. This publication is geared toward researchers and graduate scholars attracted to numerous features of contemporary combinatorial theories

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Ifi) There are problems involving combinations with repetitions where each combination must include elements belonging to r fixed types, r < n. Such problems can be easily reduced to problems already solved. T o guarantee inclusion of elements of the required r types, we fill the first r positions of each ^-combination with elements of the r types in question, and fill the remaining k — r positions in any manner whatever with elements of n types. This means that the number of required combinations is equal to the number of (k — r)combinations with repetitions of elements of n types, that is, ^n — ^n+k-r-1 · In particular, if n < k and each ^-combination must contain at least one element of each of the n types, then the number of combinations is C\Zx .

We note a special case of the relation (23). If in (23') we put n — p = m, then we obtain the relation CO/^iO V^"m i / ^ l / ^ l _i_ . . „ . (26) It is possible to generalize the relations just obtained. T o this end we consider a set of elements of q types. , nq elements of the qth type. We assume that the elements of any particular type are all different (for example, the type of an element is determined by its color and all the elements which have the same color differ in shape). , of the qth type in the combination.

1)". (9) Formula (9) resembles the relation n\ = n(n — 1)! for factorials. The following table gives the values of subfactorials for the first 12 natural numbers: n Dn n Dn 1 2 3 0 1 2 4 5 6 44 265 9 n Dn n 7 8 9 1854 14 833 133 496 10 11 12 Dn 1 334 961 14 684 570 176 214 841 Caravan in the Desert A caravan of 9 camels travels across the desert. The journey lasts many days and each of the travelers finds it boring to see the same camel in front of him. In how many ways is it possible to permute the camels so that each camel is preceded by a camel different from the previous one?

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