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By Symposium in Pure Mathematics Stanford University 1976, Visit Amazon's R. James Milgram Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, R. James Milgram, , American Mathematical Society

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Comprises sections on Algebraic $K$- and $L$-theory, surgical procedure and its functions, team activities

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De France 78 1950, 65-127. L. Koszul. Homologie des formes differentielles dlordre supIrieur. Ann. Sc. Ec. Norm. Sup. 7 (1974) 139-153. V. Losik. Cohomology of the Lie algebra of vector fields with coefficients in a trivial unitary representation - Functional Analysis 6 (1972), 24-36. [361 S. MacLane. Homology. Grundlehren der mathematishen Wiss, Springer 1967. [371 J. Mather. ssifying Space I. Bull. AMS 77 (1971) 1111-1115. 1381 J. Mather. ~ntegrability in codimension I, Co~mn,Math, Helv. 48 (1973) 195-233.

An element y of I'M is the germ at x e M of a diffeomorphism g of a nbhd U of x on some open set of M. A basis for the fopen set in rM is obtained by taking the g e m ' of g at the points of U. The space of units is the manifold H. When M is R ~ ,then TM will be noted rn. is an open covering of a manifold X, a rM-cocycle over % If- such that the yii : U. 1 + M are submersions gives on X a foliation of codimension n. One can consider prolongation of I' to bundles on X. For instance, let 7M M 1 be the groupoid whoje space of units is the bundle PM of frames of order one (cf.

It is the homotopical and cohomological properties of ~r which are important to know to solve geometric problems. The differentiable cohomology is just a way of constructing interesting cohomology classes in Br, so that one can detect non trivial homology classes of Br by evaluating on them smooth cohomology classes. But there is a little more, namely some qualitative properties of differentiable cohomology also reflect qualitative properties of the cohomology. So if one can prove something on one side, cjne can try to prove the analogous property on the other side.

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Algebraic and geometric topology by Symposium in Pure Mathematics Stanford University 1976, Visit Amazon's R. James Milgram Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, R. James Milgram, , American Mathematical Society

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