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By H. Crapo (auth.), H. Crapo, D. Senato (eds.)

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This publication, devoted to the reminiscence of Gian-Carlo Rota, is the results of a collaborative attempt by way of his neighbors, scholars and admirers. Rota was once one of many nice thinkers of our instances, innovator in either arithmetic and phenomenology. i think moved, but touched through a feeling of unhappiness, in offering this quantity of labor, regardless of the phobia that i'll be unworthy of the duty that befalls me. Rota, either the scientist and the guy, was once marked through a generosity that knew no bounds. His principles opened large the horizons of fields of study, allowing an astounding variety of scholars from everywhere in the globe to turn into enthusiastically concerned. The contagious strength with which he confirmed his super psychological means continuously proved clean and encouraging. past his renown as proficient scientist, what used to be quite extraordinary in Gian-Carlo Rota used to be his skill to understand the varied highbrow capacities of these ahead of him and to evolve his communications for that reason. This human feel, complemented through his acute appreciation of the significance of the person, acted as a catalyst in bringing forth the superior in every one of his scholars. Whosoever was once lucky sufficient to take pleasure in Gian-Carlo Rota's longstanding friendship used to be so much enriched via the adventure, either mathematically and philosophically, and had celebration to understand son cote de bon vivant. The booklet opens with a heartfelt piece through Henry Crapo during which he meticulously items jointly what Gian-Carlo Rota's premature death has bequeathed to science.

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Rota Evaluating the linear functional E, we see that this in tum equals xn + (n) 1 alX n- 1 + (n) n) + ... + ( n-l 2 a2X n- 2 an-lx+an, as desired. The expression is called an umbral representation of the polynomial p(x). In umbral notation, a complex number r is a root of the polynomial equation p(x) = 0 if and only if (r + a)n ;:::::: o. Similarly, in umbral notation the polynomial T C p(x) as follows: p(x = p(x +c) may be represented + c) ;:::::: (x + a + c)n, and this yields the umbral expression for the coefficients p j (c) of the polynomial p(x + c), namely Let us next see how umbral notation is related to invariants.

H. (1986): What is the length of a potato? An introduction to geometric measure theory. H. ) Categories in Continuum Physics. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, (vol. 1174) Springer, Berlin, pp. 118-126 The Fubini Lectures Foreword E. Vesentini Of all escapes from reality, mathematics is the most successful ever. It is a fantasy that becomes all the more addictive because it works back to improve the same reality we are trying to evade. Gian-Carlo Rota, The Lost Cafe. Guido Fubini (Venice 1879-New York 1943), one of the outstanding mathematicians of the past century, spent thirty years of his life in Turin, teaching in the School of Engineering, until the racial laws enacted by the Fascist government in 1938 expelled him from a community of which he had been one of the most prestigious members, with the enthusiasm and the energy which he put into all his endeavours.

Bk) in the variables aI, a2, ... , an, bl, b2, ... , bk is said to be an invariant of the two polynomials p(x), q(x) when I(al, a2, ... , an, b], b2, ... , bk) = I(PI (c), P2(C), ... , Pn(c), ql (c), q2(C), ... , qkCc» for all complex numbers c. By abuse of notation, we write I(p(x), q(x» and we speak of I as being an invariant of the polynomials p(x) and q(x). In this abusive notation, a polynomial I is said to be an invariant of the polynomials p(x) and q (x) whenever I(TCp(x), TCq(x» = I(p(x),q(x» for all constants c.

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