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By J. Benzing, A. Von Gabain, O. Pritsak, N. Poppe, K. H. Menges, A. Temir, Z. V. Togan, F. Taeschner

ISBN-10: 9004065555

ISBN-13: 9789004065550

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The third principle describes how complex signs (sequences of word forms in sentences or texts) are related to corresponding items at the level of context. 3 Third Principle of Pragmatics (PoP-3) The matching of the signs’ meaning1 with corresponding items at the level of context is incremental, whereby in production the elementary signs follow the time-linear order of the underlying thought path, while in interpretation the thought path follows the time-linear order of the incoming elementary signs.

0) and the rule TVt yield: B(is seeking)= λs, l λY [x/(s |= seek , xr , Y (IND∨TTI ) , l[l/l ◦ l rdl ]; 1 )], M(is seeking)= ∅. 1. De re (specific) reading of is seeking a (unicornj )i is a result of applying VP1 : B(is seeking (a unicornj )i ) = 7 We do not consider this case for nonindexed NPs as it would be trivial for both alternatives of the pronouns i and you, which are the only nonindexed NPs in this paper. Quantification and Intensionality in Situation Semantics 41 λs, l (B(is seeking)(s, l)(B((a unicornj )i ))) = seek , xr , Y (IND∨TTI ) , l[l/l ◦ l λs, l (λY [x/(s |= λs, l [x/(s |= seek , xr , xIND , l[l/l ◦ l i rdl ]; 1 rdl ]; 1 )](xi )) = )].

5. A Hypothesis on the Origin of the Sign Types 31 The analogous situation holds for the opposite direction of eliminating view-dependent aspects, which corresponds to the operations necessary for the hearer’s interpretation17 . In summary, the crucial qualitative contribution of language over and above the cognitive functions of [–language] agents consists in the added ability of communicating content from one agent to another by using the signs’ public surfaces. It goes without saying that this added qualitative ability has enormous quantitative consequences with regard to the amount of knowledge potentially available to [+language] agents.

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Altaistik: Turkologie by J. Benzing, A. Von Gabain, O. Pritsak, N. Poppe, K. H. Menges, A. Temir, Z. V. Togan, F. Taeschner

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