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It was they who were responsible for many of the acts of mob violence against people who Perhaps Adams’s greatest triumph was the Boston Tea Party (1773). British government in Massachusetts collapsed afterward, and the Committees of Correspondence served for a time as the colonial government. Some people say Adams provoked the incidents at Lexington and Concord in 1775 that resulted in the first shots of the war being fired. Throughout the war, Adams kept constantly busy, keeping patriots inflamed, counseling colonial leaders, and writing countless newspaper articles.

Among the earliest voices speaking out against the Stamp Act was that of Isaac Barré, son of a Frenchman, soldier, and member of Parliament. He had fought for England in the French and Indian War and knew and understood Americans’ independent spirits. He is credited with coining the term “Sons of Liberty” to describe the colonists in a passionate speech he made early in 1765. He warned Parliament that people who had “fled tyranny [harshness] . . [and] exposed themselves to almost all the hardships to which human nature is liable” were not likely to put up with British oppression.

Parliament followed up the Stamp Act with one act after another, including the Declaratory Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Intolerable Acts. The first acts of Parliament were either taxes on the colonies or declarations of Parliament’s right to tax them. As each act of Parliament was passed, Americans grew angrier. At first, only a few men, such as Boston political leader Samuel Adams (1722–1803), urged an open break with Great Britain. Adams formed the Sons of Liberty and staged violent actions to get Americans stirred up against the British.

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