An atlas of human gametes and conceptuses : an illustrated - download pdf or read online

By Lucinda L. Veeck

ISBN-10: 1850700168

ISBN-13: 9781850700166

content material: Foreword Preface Acknowledgements A assessment OF HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES Gamete Maturation The Human Oocyte The Human Spermatozoon The Sperm-Penetrated Human Oocyte The Cleaving Human Preembryo Preembryo Grading and measure of Cytoplasmic Fragmentation Preembryos having the ability to Implant irregular Morphology of the Human Oocyte and Conceptus Cryopreservation Assisted Fertilization by means of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Assisted Hatching and Fragment removing Preimplantation Genetic analysis (PGD) Epilogue Appendix HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES ILLUSTRATED Index. ISBN: 1-85070-016-8 216 pages (Hardback) colour illustrated 98-26503 released: April 1999 $149.95 / GBP100

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B lastocysts are gen erally observed in vitro after 110 h p ostinsem ination. If left in culture for 5 -6 days, 2 6 -6 5 % o f preem bryos w ill achieve this stage, d epend ing on the m ethod of cu lture and com p osi­ tion o f the m ed iu m 12'32. 27 record ed cou n ts of 158 and b lastocysts m ay b e studied n on -in vasively using 107 cells in tw o blastocy sts, respectively, collected u ltram icroflu orescen ce techniques to select those at th e tim e o f h ysterecto m y. In 1972, C roxatto w ith the greatest potential for im plan tation 33.

The zona reaction in human oocytes as seen w ith 10. Van der Ven H H , Al-Hasani A , D iedrich K, et al. scanning electron microscopy. H um Reprod I994;9: Polyspermy in in v itro fe rtilizatio n o f human oocytes: 2135 Frequency and possible causes. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1985:442:88 5. Soupart P, Strong PA. U ltra stru ctu ra l observations on human oocytes fe rtilize d in v itro . Fertil Steril 1974; 25:1 I I I . Englert Y, Puissant F, Camus M, et al. Factors leading to trip ro n u cle a te eggs during human in v itro fe rtil­ ization.

O ccasionally, a pregn an cy m ay b e estab­ represents an abn orm al occurrence. W hen com p ac­ lished w ith a slow -grow in g p reem bryo, even one tion takes place, the cells lose their totipoten cy as a found to possess only six to eight blastom eres at result o f their in teraction s w ith one another. It is 96 h. In the C orn ell p rogram , intrau terin e tran sfer is believed that the onset o f com p action m arks the postp oned for one d ay w h en ev er p reem bryos are b egin n in g o f em bryonic D N A transcription.

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