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By Karen Ball

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A e-book telling you all you desired to learn about intercourse yet have been too afraid to invite. Dont be shy, its all the following, from undesirable breath to love-bites, the 1st fumble at the hours of darkness to the morning after - youll quickly notice that birds and bees don't have anything to do with it. From the main angst ridden teenager to the couple brooding about what theyre lacking, this advisor will enlighten and entertain.

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It is an essential clause of the heavy petting contract that you should walk away from a romantic encounter with several purple bruises on your neck. The coy will wear a scarf for the next few days, but any teenager worth their salt will recklessly leave their shirt collar gaping for all to see their badges of honour. Adults also like lovebites (the suburban version of S&M), but tend to request their delivery to parts of the body that can be easily covered up. If your partner tries to give you a lovebite on the neck, sack him immediately.

31 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex Drink Cider . . Often the only way to overcome crippling shyness is to get drunk. But at the age of fifteen there are two barriers to wise tippling: firstly, you have no money to speak of. Secondly, you have no discernment (you actually don’t know if one glass of vodka will get you pissed, so you drink five just to be on the safe side). Having clubbed together, you and your mate step into the local off-licence. Your priorities are: cheap and strong. Decades of research by generations of teenagers have shown that the chosen tipple is usually a big plastic bottle of cider.

Nobody Understands Me It’s not easy being a teenager – your body’s going through loads of really weird changes, at a time when you’re desperate to appear irresistible to the opposite sex. You feel completely alienated towards pretty much everybody and think you’re the only one who knows what it truly means to be completely miserable. But it is at this point that some lucky teenagers also discover that life’s not all bad. Your skin may be bad, your hair greasy 47 An Idiot’s Guide to Sex – but then you find someone to go out with who also has greasy hair and bad skin.

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