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Bankruptcy Contents: (Suggested listening follows each one chapter)

I. Stride Piano Styles:

• Cantankerous Chromatics

• Blues for Fats

• Basie's Beat

• Blood Brother

II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie

• Prickly Pete

• Wobbly Waltz

III. Gospel Piano Sanctified

• i am In His Hands

• Holy Roller

IV. Bebop Piano kinds A 624

• Red's Blues

• "T" Time

• The Thing

• Yardbird Conversation

V. Solo Ballad types For Art's Sake

• tune for invoice Evans

• Ballad

VI. Harmonic kinds of

• 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge

• Waltz for Clare

• Memories

• Liberation

VII. Latin and Ostinato

• kinds of the 1970's Autumn Song

• iciness Song

• Spring Song

• summer time Song

VIII. unfastened Jazz Bent

• Vortex

• Mobile

• Anticipation


Appendix I Solo Piano Recordings of Interest

Published Solo Piano Jazz Music

Appendix II Publihsed Solo Piano Jazz track

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