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By George V. Lauder (auth.), Graham K. Taylor, Michael S. Triantafyllou, Cameron Tropea (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642116329

ISBN-13: 9783642116322

The actual ideas of swimming and flying in animals are intriguingly varied from these of ships and airplanes. The research of animal locomotion for that reason holds a different position not just on the frontiers of natural fluid dynamics examine, but additionally within the utilized box of biomimetics, which goals to emulate salient facets of the functionality and serve as of residing organisms. for instance, fluid dynamic rather a lot are so major for swimming fish that they're anticipated to have built effective circulate regulate approaches in the course of the evolutionary strategy of variation by means of traditional choice, which would in flip be utilized to the layout of robot swimmers. And but, sharply contrasting perspectives as to the lively potency of oscillatory propulsion – specially for marine animals – call for a cautious overview of the forces and effort expended at real looking Reynolds numbers. For this and plenty of different study questions, an experimental technique is frequently the main acceptable technique. This holds as a lot for flying animals because it does for swimming ones, and comparable experimental demanding situations practice – learning tethered rather than loose locomotion, or learning the circulation round robot versions instead of genuine animals. This booklet offers a wide-ranging photograph of the state of the art in experimental learn at the physics of swimming and flying animals. The ensuing photo displays not just upon the questions which are of curiosity in present natural and utilized study, but in addition upon the experimental strategies which are to be had to respond to them.

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