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By Mordechay Schlesinger

ISBN-10: 1461461480

ISBN-13: 9781461461487

-Describes using electrochemistry in medicine
-Paves the way in which for custom-made medicine
-Opens the vista to nanomedicine

Modern points of Electrochemistry quantity fifty six includes chapters overlaying the next themes regarding using electrochemistry in medicine.

· Electrochemistry within the layout and improvement of scientific applied sciences and devices

· clinical units on the interface of biology and electrochemistry

· Sensing by means of display revealed electrodes for scientific diagnosis

· Electrochemical glucose sensors

· Electrochemistry of adhesion and spreading of lipid vesicles on electrodes

· Bio-Electrochemistry and chalcogens

· Nanoplasmonics in medicine

· Extravascular hemoglobin: getting older contusions

· Modeling tumor progress and reaction to radiation

From stories of earlier volumes:

“This long-standing sequence maintains its culture of providing prime quality reports of validated and rising topic components, including the fewer universal elements of electrochemical science... [and]... merits a spot in electrochemistry libraries and will turn out invaluable to electrochemists and similar workers.”

—Chemistry and Industry

“Extremely well-referenced and intensely readable.... keeps the general excessive criteria of the series.”

—Journal of the yankee Chemical Society

"Continues the precious carrier thathas been rendered via the fashionable features series."

—Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

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