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By Charles F. Meyer

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Apposition in modern English is the 1st full-length remedy of apposition. It offers distinctive dialogue of its linguistic features and of its utilization in several types of speech and writing, derived from the information of British and American machine corpora. Charles Meyer demonstrates the inadequacies of prior reviews and argues that apposition is a grammatical relation learned by means of structures having specific syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features, of which yes are dominant. The language of press reportage, fiction, discovered writing and spontaneous dialog is analyzed.

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129c) Taxpayers should write their senators or. (i29d) Taxpayers should write their congressmen or their senators. It might be argued that example 129 contains an atypical instance of coordination, since not all conjuncts in coordinate constructions can be reversed (Quirk et al. 1985:920). However, there also exist instances of coordinative apposition in which the units cannot be reversed. 1), cannot be reversed without drastically changing the meaning of the construction. 5 The syntactic gradient of apposition 45 (130a) I keep thinking of my uncle Arthur, or rather my great uncle Arthur.

10. 11 provides a breakdown of the types of noun phrases and subordinate clauses that were in apposition in the corpora. Most frequently in apposition were noun phrases followed by that- and ta-clauses. 11. NPs in apposition with clauses Form Brown LLC NP (d) + that-chust 5i 4 H NP (i) + that-cfouse NP (d) + to-cteusz NP (i) + (o-clause NP (d) + other clauses Pro (d) +clause Other Total d = definite i = indefinite SEU Total 39 89 10 1 13 179 37 13 2 2 2 2 24 9 5 4 0 2 98 78 133 1 2 11 26 24 9 3° 4 3°9 22 The syntax of apposition postulate that they could be shown entirely formulaic if the complete corpus of Greek epic survived.

1985:1361-2). As Aarts (1971) and de Haan (1987) have noted, the lengthier and more complex a noun phrase is the less likely it is to occur in the subject position of a clause. 2), appositions 36 The syntax of apposition are relatively heavy constructions. Consequently, 65 percent of the appositions in the corpora had functions associated with positions that promote end-weight: direct object (example 97), object of preposition (example 98), subject complement (example 99), and subject of sentences containing existential there (example 100).

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