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By Petra Maria Vogel, Bernard Comrie

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The historical past of notice type examine is characterised by way of severe positions. as much as the nineteenth century, it was once believed that observe sessions have been normally of the Latin or Greek sort and common. unlike that, within the twentieth century, the view prevailed that each language had its personal particular and designated be aware classification procedure. within the final a long time, notwithstanding, it has turn into obvious that regardless of the massive variety of be aware periods and note classification structures there are typological regulations with reference to the conceptualization of semantic gains and morphosyntactic buildings. this article methods note periods and their categorial manifestations from the point of view of typology and language universals examine. The authors during this quantity speak about notice category categorization often (Part I), in addition to be aware sessions and notice classification structures of person languages (Part II) from a typological-universal perspective and from diachronic and cross-linguistic views.

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C. d. * Han sprang ganska * Han ar en ganska lopare Han sprang ganska snabbt Han ar en ganska snabb lopare 'He ran rather' 'He is a rather runner' 'He ran rather fast' 'A rather fast runner' As a preliminary generalisation, we can use (I). I A lexical item can be licensed only by its immediate syntactic function, that function being specified as either < ' {>' (root, predicate, term, or modifier) or 'modifier of 0'. 4. Optional functions A further ingredient of the Amsterdam model is the notion that a language need not use all of the syntactic functions made possible by (G) and (H).

Inflectional elaboration is subject to considerable variation in the world's languages. Verb Noun f f so so k f f s s k k d d f s s k d f f f f Language (d) P k P Chukchi Ainu Finnish Nama Archi P Bororo Kobon s k d d Maori Swedish Yoruba Figure 10. Inflectional elaboration in the pilot sample In the languages of the pilot sample—as shown in Figure 10 above—nouns in argument function are maximally inflected for case (k), determiner categories (d), such as number and definiteness, and possessor agreement (p), while verbs in predicate function are maximally inflected for fmiteness (f), subject agreement (s), and object agreement (o).

Han ar stor. Det ar mera. Del ar en bil. ' 'That is more. ' A dependent predicate, such as hungry in John was hungry and Joan kept John hungry, is predicated of a term of its head. The semantic operation involved is functional composition (Steedman 1985: 530-533), whereby the predicates expressed by head and dependent form a composite predicate: 'is(x)' and 'hungry(y)' become 'is(hungry(y))', 'keep(x, y)' and 'hungry(z)' become 'keep(x, hungry(z))'. There are also cases such as Joan wrote the book hungry, where a dependent expresses an additional predication about the subject or object of its head.

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Approaches to the Typology of Word Classes by Petra Maria Vogel, Bernard Comrie

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