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By Edward S Aarons

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I. Stride Piano Styles:

• Cantankerous Chromatics

• Blues for Fats

• Basie's Beat

• Blood Brother

II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie

• Prickly Pete

• Wobbly Waltz

III. Gospel Piano Sanctified

• i am In His Hands

• Holy Roller

IV. Bebop Piano kinds A 624

• Red's Blues

• "T" Time

• The Thing

• Yardbird Conversation

V. Solo Ballad types For Art's Sake

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• Ballad

VI. Harmonic types of

• 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge

• Waltz for Clare

• Memories

• Liberation

VII. Latin and Ostinato

• forms of the 1970's Autumn Song

• wintry weather Song

• Spring Song

• summer season Song

VIII. unfastened Jazz Bent

• Vortex

• Mobile

• Anticipation


Appendix I Solo Piano Recordings of Interest

Published Solo Piano Jazz Music

Appendix II Publihsed Solo Piano Jazz song

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Just that one? " She paused. " "That's not true. Now either we work together, or you're going home to Daddy. " "We're together," she conceded. "Then tell me how I'm supposed to get into Getoba? It's under siege. " Georgette said, "But that's your end of the job. " She frowned. For a big girl she carried her size gracefully. "The District is two miles long, maybe three wide, with a wall all around it, built long ago. Maybe eight thousand people are still left in it, out of the Indians and Chinese merchants who used to be there.

Ah. Of course. " "Ah. " It was hot in the cell. The FKP men sweated. The light glared down on Durell like the baleful eye of some jungle idol. They had taken his gun, his passport, his belt, and his shoes, neatly arranging it all, including his wallet, on a plank table against the stone wall of the cell. There was no window, and the door was closed. The air was suffocating. It smelled of sweat, fear, urine, and the garbage in the river. He knew it was one o'clock when the mortars started slamming into the besieged Getoba District again.

She contemplated her dirty feet. " She paused. "And you're going into Getoba. Tonight. " He still disliked her. The shelling at the other end of the city went on for exactly five minutes. The Portuguese band switched to fado music, and the dancers gave up, and a soulfully tragic woman in a costume out of the Algarve began to sing a lament for the sailors who went out from Lisbon centuries ago with Vasco da Gama and circumnavigated this troubled continent of Africa. The woman's voice had a nice tremolo.

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