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This is often the main entire survey ever released of the auxiliary verb development. Drawing on a database of over 800 languages Dr Anderson examines their morphosyntactic kinds and semantic roles. He investigates and explains the ancient adjustments resulting in the cross-linguistic variety of inflectional styles, and offers his effects inside a brand new typological framework. He finds a lot that's new concerning the language households of the realm and makes an immense contribution to the certainty in their nature and evolution.

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These indicate motion toward or away from a deictic centre. Tofa again oVers clear examples of these kinds of formations. ), marks motion or orientation towards a deictic centre, while the other, the translocative (or andative, itive), marks motion or orientation away from a deictic centre. (60) Tofa onson vjertaljo:t-tar uh j-up kel-gen then helicopter-plXy-cv cloc-pst ‘then the helicopters Xew in’ (ASLEP Field Notes (MK)) (61) Tofa men fian-a ver-gen men I return-ger tloc/inch-pst 1 ‘I set oV for home’ (ASLEP Field Notes (SDA117)) The previous two formations retain some of the original semantics of the verbs involved and almost assuredly derive from original serial verb constructions, later grammaticalized in their current functions within these AVCs.

In many descriptions the auxiliary in the lex-headed pattern is analysed as an uninXecting particle. However, when considering the functional semantics of the element, and the fact that these historically originate from verbal elements, the semantics of which are in accord with the semantic developments typical of the process of auxiliation, it seems clear that these in certain instances should rather be considered as reXecting an AVC of the lexheaded inXectional pattern. Chapter 4 discusses the ‘doubled’ inXectional pattern.

Vincent 1982, Harris and Ramat 1987, Harris and Campbell 1995, Drinka 2003, Bentley and Eytho´rsson 2004, Lightfoot 1979). Given limitations of space and the relative frequency of such discussions in previous analyses of auxiliaries, I refer the interested reader to 16 Auxiliaries and AVCs the relevant literature cited here and various other citations therein. In terms of the inXectional typology below, AVCs deriving from this type of formation most typically show the so-called aux-headed inXectional pattern (see below), but may also yield various doubled split or split/doubled patterns.

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