Between Poverty and the Pyre: Moments in the History of by Jan Bremmer, Lourens Van Den Bosch PDF

By Jan Bremmer, Lourens Van Den Bosch

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Between Poverty and the Pyre examines the background of the adventure of widowhood throughout diversified cultures. It brings jointly a suite of essays through historians, anthropologists and philologists. The publication indicates how tricky it truly is to outline the 'typical' widow, because the stories of those girls have differed so extensively, now not just because in their diversified time classes and destinations, but in addition becuase in their various felony and spiritual prestige and monetary stipulations. The learn is diversified with matters starting from: *Hindu other halves who their husbands to the pyre *widows who have been burned as witches *and widows who needed to develop into prostitutes to stick alive. The e-book additionally explores Jesus's curiosity in widows and the event of a few famous widows, corresponding to Mohammed's first spouse.

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