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By A. Carboni, M.C. Pedicchio, G. Rosolini

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With one exception, those papers are unique and completely refereed study articles on a variety of purposes of class thought to Algebraic Topology, common sense and laptop technology. The exception is a phenomenal and long survey paper by means of Joyal/Street (80 pp) on a turning out to be topic: it provides an account of classical Tannaka duality in one of these approach as to be available to the overall mathematical reader, and to supply a key for access to extra contemporary advancements and quantum teams. No services in both illustration thought or type conception is believed. issues similar to the Fourier cotransform, Tannaka duality for homogeneous areas, braided tensor different types, Yang-Baxter operators, Knot invariants and quantum teams are brought and stories. From the Contents: P.J. Freyd: Algebraically whole categories.- J.M.E. Hyland: First steps in man made area theory.- G. Janelidze, W. Tholen: How algebraic is the change-of-base functor?.- A. Joyal, R. highway: An advent to Tannaka duality and quantum groups.- A. Joyal, M. Tierney: robust stacks andclassifying spaces.- A. Kock: Algebras for the partial map classifier monad.- F.W. Lawvere: Intrinsic co-Heyting barriers and the Leibniz rule in convinced toposes.- S.H. Schanuel: adverse units have Euler attribute and dimension.-

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Given any Q-set E, the set E x Q equipped with the equality [(a,p) = (b,q)] = [a = b]&sp~q is a Q-set isomorphic to E. Proof : Define f : E --* E x Q by ( f x = (x', q)) = [x = x']~q and define g : E x Q --4 E by (g(x, q) = x') = = It is straightforward, but long and tedious, to verify that E x Q is a Q-set, f and g are morphisms of Q-sets and finally that f g and g f are identities. • By a "global element" or a "global section" of a Q-set E, we mean as usual a morphism from the terminal object to E.

The singleton {*} provided with the equality [* = *] = 1 is a terminal object in the category of Q-sets. For any Q-set E, the unique morphism f : E ~ 1 is given by (fx=*)= V [x=x']. x' EE Proof: ({*}, [* = *] = 1) is clearly a Q-set. e. )= V[a=a'] QI Now, all that remains to be done, is to prove that this formula defines a morphism of Q-sets. (M2) and (M3) are trivial. It is very easy to check (M1) and (M4). 4, is isomorphic to 1. 10. Given any Q-set E, the set E x Q equipped with the equality [(a,p) = (b,q)] = [a = b]&sp~q is a Q-set isomorphic to E.

Remark 11. e. satisfying the dual conditions of a modular object). The dual of Carboni's theorem would have only characterized the dual of such coslices. 6] Protomodular categories. The kernel functor K is an equivalence if and only if (as any equivalence) 1) it is conservative 2) its left adjoint L is a right inverse. When /A is additive, the condition 1 is known as the short five lemma for split exact sequences, the condition 2 means that 0---~ A - - ~ A ~ B --~ B ---~ 0 is a split exact sequence.

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